Bob Tyrrell Advanced Black and Grey 2.0 Set - Tattoo Ink Training

INTENZE has once again collaborated with Bob Tyrrell to bring you the latest iteration of the Advanced Black and Grey tattoo ink set. Refined with the latest innovations in Black and Grey tattooing in mind and designed with the values he uses every day with the most advanced ink available, Bob Tyrrell's Advanced Black and Grey 2.0 Set gives you everything you need to take your work to a higher level.

Randy Engelhard Tattoo by Number Set - Tattoo Ink Training

The latest in the INTENZE artist series line of tattoo inks has been long in the making. For this one, we got together with master artist Randy Engelhard to bring you a massive, 25-ink color set featuring the very color palette that Randy Engelhard uses daily. Learn and feel confident in your abilities to work with an ink set that will never allow your visions to be cut short. Box set comes with deeper insider tips from Randy Engelhard on how to use the set.