Who we are

A brief history of Global Tattoo Supplies

we are committed to bringing safe, certified and registered tattoo industry equipment and products to the market place for the safety and well being of all.

GTS - est. 2003

Global Tattoo Supplies was founded as a partnership in the Liverpool area in 2003; it became a limited company shortly after that. Steve Crane and Jorge Perez, both local tattooers with their own tattoo shops in the Liverpool area, started it to supply tattoo shops throughout the UK.

Shortly after forming the company Mario Barth of Intenze Products USA, a personal friend, appointed Global Tattoo Supplies Ltd as his European Importer.

Sole supplier of Intenze Products

Global Tattoo Supplies Ltd has over the years branched out to provide Intenze Products from Finland down to Greece and from the Canaries Islands to Bulgaria and all places in between. We now have 18 active sub dealers in our Global Tattoo Supplies Ltd/ Intenze Products Dealer Program.

As well as assisting Mario Barth to develop the availability of Intenze Products through out Europe we have built up an extensive “Tattoo Shop” catalogue of every day supplies - all our products are extensively tested in our own tattoo shops prior to listing in our catalogue.

The Global Tattoo Supplies founders - A national authority in the tattoo industry

Steve and Jorge were part of the original team of interested tattoo industry people who set up the Tattoo and Piercing Union under the auspices of the GMB to protect the interests of the Industry, which at the time was under attack from the HABIA who wanted to ‘control it’ with the backing of the government of the day. They are also members of the British Standards Institute with Steve being recognized by his BSI colleagues as the go to industry man to assist them with their understanding of what really happens in our tattoo and piercing shops, Steve is also a member of CEN (Central European Committee for Tattooing Services, they both are also coupled with founder member status of the prestigious ESTP, European Society of Tattoo Pigment Safety. Steve also sits as a member of the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) Standards, where he represents the United Kingdom. They are both members of the internationally recognized Bristol Tattoo Club accredited as the oldest tattoo club in the world that boasts members from all over the globe.

A rare level of experience in the industry

Both Steve and Jorge have been in the tattoo industry for several decades and they share their knowledge and experience with the rest of the world to benefit the entire tattoo lobby. We are certain that their experience in the Tattoo Industry can be of benefit to all their customers, old and new and are available to assist with advice on all their listed products.